The Best Way To Apply Foundation!

Do you want your foundation to look like you’ve got the best skin? Achieving a flawless complexion is a not as hard as you think! I’ve completed this step by step guide to teach you the best way to apply foundation. Here are some tips to apply the product evenly for achieving a flawless foundation base. These steps work the best for liquid foundations.

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foundation brush vs beauty blender

The tools you use to apply foundation are so important. Some people prefer sponges while others like brushes. Most people tend to apply more foundation than they need and that’s when damp sponges help!

They soak in the excess of product which helps giving the skin a natural finish. When my skin is dry or if I’m using a full coverage foundation, I like to use sponges. I think it helps the foundation to blend into the skin.

Sponges help the foundation to melt into the skin rather than just sitting on top of the face. keep in mind that cleaning the sponge each time you use it is so important. It helps preventing bacteria which can cause breakouts.

There a lot of great sponges available in the market. There so many things to consider when choosing a sponge. It should last for a couple of months without tearing and it should’t soak up a lot of foundation.
One of the best drugstore sponges is the real techniques sponge. I do find that drugstore sponges tear up quicker than the high end ones. Cleaning them with caution is so important.
The original beauty blender is the best high end option and for a good reason. It lasts well and it doesn’t soak up a lot of foundation.

On the other side, I prefer to apply makeup with brushes if I’m using a light coverage foundation or if I’m in a rush. Sometimes you don’t have the time to damp the sponge! There are some great brushes available in the market from drugstore to high end. Dense brushes work great to apply light foundations. For heavy foundation, using a less dense brush is a good option! When choosing the best brush, make sure to read some reviews before buying. Stay away from brushes that leave strikes on the skin and shed after each cleansing session.

So what’s the best tool to apply foundation ? A foundation brush or a beauty blender? I think it depends on your skin type and personal preference too! Some people don’t mind using sponges and cleaning them daily while other like brushes! I know a lot if makeup artists who prefer brushes because they are more practical. Makeup artists apply foundation on other people’s skin. They don’t have the time to clean sponges which is very logic! I like sponges more than brushes especially for matte foundations. It all depends on what you like and what type of foundations you are using.

One of the best foundation brushes is the real techniques brush
The real techniques brush crush also has some good face brushes.


how to apply foundation flawlessly

follow these steps for best way to apply foundation . this tips work great for beginners too. before starting with foundation, I make sure that my skin is prepared for makeup. If you have dry skin, you need to moisturize it very well. Let the moisturizer sink in and then start with the makeup application.

  • Take out a small pump and apply it to the back of your hand.

    This works better than applying the product directly into the face. It helps the foundation warm up! The key is to apply a very thin layer of foundation to even out the face. You can add more only on certain spots or blemishes that you would like to cover. Always remember ‘A thin layer can cover a lot more than you think’.

  • Blend it on your hand a little bit to distribute the product

    This trick allows for a best application especially with thick foundations. It helps distributing the product evenly into the skin.

  • Apply the product to the face and blend it with a brush or a sponge

    I always start applying on the areas where I need the most coverage. Dab the product into these areas and then move up.

    Tip: Apply less where you have more wrinkles and fine lines. Makeup tend to settle into fine lines which makes the skin look older!

    And this is how to apply foundation flawlessly! Now onto the last step…

  • Set the foundation where you need using a good powder

    set your foundation using a fluffy brush. No need to apply a thick layer of powder. Heavy powders tend to look cakey on the skin. Oily areas tend to cause the makeup creasing troughout the day. Setting these areas with a tiny amount of pressed or loose powder is so important. One of the best pressed powder is the maybelline fit me, the rimmel stay matte powder. The maybelline loose powder , the rimmel loose powder. The laura mercier loose powder is also a nice high end option.

    On special occasions, using a good setting spray is a great option! Keep in mind that using setting sprays daily may not be a good idea. A lot of setting sprays contain alchool which might dry the skin. Applying setting sprays that contain fragrances can irritate sensitive skin too. The l’oreal setting spray, urban decay setting spray, the maybelline setting spray are good options.


    I’d like to mention that removing your foundation at the end of the day is a very important step! Never sleep with your makeup on as you will get acne and breakouts! Double cleansing the skin works great to get rid of all the foundation. I like to start by removing everything with a cleansing oil like the dermalogica one . Then I follow with any regular cleanser.


    So this is how to apply foundation with a brush or a sponge. The best way to apply foundation is all about applying the right amount of product. It also depends on what tools you choose. Do you struggle to get a natural foundation finish ? what are your best ways to apply foundation?

apply foundation like a pro

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  1. Any tips for primers that don’t aggravate your skin? I have bad breakouts and I find they worsen with primer. Ive tried the major brands like Napoleon, and currently trying Nude. Thanks!

    • your skin is sensitive to some products unfortunately! I have that issue too !The Benefit primer didn’t cause me breakouts but it may or may not work for you. If you feel that primers don’t suit you well than you can skip them.


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