Minimal Makeup Routine & Collection 2023 ( Easy For Beginners)

Minimalist makeup is a big trend right now. A minimal makeup collection can help you save money, space, and time. 

Getting ready every day in less than five minutes is fantastic, and it’s not as hard as you think. Makeup is just a tool to enhance your natural beauty. 

Over the last few years, makeup companies have been going crazy about releasing new products. New high-end or drugstore full coverage foundations, mascaras, and eyeshadows were popping up monthly! 

While it’s fun to play with makeup and create smokey eye looks, having a minimalist makeup routine can be beneficial. 

You can build your minimalist makeup set to save money and time by following easy tips. These tricks can also work great for makeup beginners who wish to establish a very minimal makeup routine

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Minimalist Makeup Collection

To create a minimalist makeup bag, I mainly focus on choosing versatile products. Not only will they save you time every day you get ready, but they will also save you money and space.

After years of trying many makeup products, here is a list of the best minimal makeup products I’ve tried. These beauty essentials are easy to use, and they can help you achieve an easy look, even if you are a makeup beginner.


To nail minimalist makeup, choose a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer like this affordable bb cream that evens out your skin tone without settling into your pores.

If you have dry or combination skin, check this Tinted Moisturizer.

It has a lightweight formula that blends very quickly into the skin. It’s also buildable, doesn’t look heavy or cakey, and is oil-free.

If you have oily skin, try this matte foundation or this BB cream.

They both provide excellent coverage that can be sheered out when applied with a makeup sponge. They are very affordable, and they blend perfectly on the skin.

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If you have an even skin tone and still need to conceal some blemishes, you can skip the foundation and use a concealer instead.

I apply a regular moisturizer before the foundation and let it sink in. It helps hydrate the skin and prepares it for makeup application.

For dry skin, the cerave moisturizing cream is an excellent option, and for oily skin, I like the Neutrogena hydro boost hyaluronic acid moisturizer.

This concealer is an excellent option to hide dark circles and conceal blemishes. The sponge applicator is soft, making the application quick and easy. I have used this product for years, and it looks so good under the eyes.

Another option is this drugstore concealer, one of the best for the under-eye area, and it blends so easily and doesn’t crease.

If your concealer is separating under your eyes, try this concealer. The formula is lightweight, and it doesn’t look patchy.


I focus on getting long and voluminous lashes for a minimalist eye makeup look. I don’t use eyeliner or eyeshadow, so I want the mascara to complete the look of the eyes.

Choose a mascara that doesn’t flake like this affordable drugstore one. It gives the lashes an instant voluminous look, and it lasts well throughout the day.

This other mascara is a best seller, and it is very affordable! It provides good length and volume without looking clumpy.

For high-end, Benefit cosmetics released this new extremely lengthening mascara.

It has a mineral-enriched formula that separates and defines the lashes beautifully.

If you don’t enjoy wearing eye makeup, you can check these tips on how to make your eyes look bigger naturally without makeup.

Tinted Lip Balm or Lipstick

You can use a multi-stick for the cheeks and lips to save time and money. It gives a nice wash of color to the face, and it’s also hydrating.

A lot of minimalist makeup brands offer multi-stick options.

This multi-stick is cruelty-free, and it helps nourish the skin and the lips. It’s easy to use, giving the lips a beautiful wash of color.

It’s also buildable and easy to blend on the cheeks. People with fair skin might love this product because it comes in different subtle pink shades that give the cheeks the perfect color. It’s a must-have in my minimalist makeup kit!

This lip balm is also a great choice. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it. It has good moisturizing properties, and I also use it on my cheekbones to add a subtle glow. It comes in many shades, and it’s an essential product in any minimal makeup bag.

Tinted lip balms are versatile, giving the lips a beautiful wash of color without looking like you’ve applied anything.

If you prefer lipsticks over lip balms, check out this moisturizing formula from the drugstore.

These lipsticks are all pigmented and very hydrating. They come in shades ranging from nudes, pinks, reds, corals, browns, and purples.

Another minimalist makeup lipstick is this affordable creamy finish lipstick.

It has a rich formula that glides so easily onto the lips. It comes in many shades, and it suits many different looks.


When applied correctly, blush can make a huge difference in any look. Choose a soft blush that goes smoothly without being overly shimmery for a minimal makeup look.

This powder blush is oil-free, and it blends easily into the skin.

It’s available in 12 natural shades, leaving the cheekbones with a beautiful wash of color.

Luxury makeup lovers might enjoy trying this cream blush.

Cream blushes look natural on the skin and give the cheeks a beautiful flush of color without looking cakey.

It has an ultra-thin mousse texture that blends easily into the skin. It looks very natural on the skin, and it’s also available in eight vivid shades.

Tip: If you have an even skin tone, you can wear blush without foundation.

For more suggestions, check our guide on the best cream blushes for mature skin.

Brow Pencil

I’ve tried many eyebrow pencils, and I’ve found a lot of great options at the drugstore.

This eyebrow pencil has a great formula that blends easily into the skin, and it has a sharp edge that allows for easy application.

This brow pencil is also a huge favorite, and it has a super skinny tip that works great for people with thin eyebrows. It’s also long-lasting on the skin, and it doesn’t smudge.

Another fantastic option is this unique Eyebrow Pen.

It has a unique fork tip that helps draw hair-like strokes. It works nicely to give the eyebrows a natural but polished look.

I also like to use an eyebrow gel to hold the eyebrows into place. The NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler is a great affordable option, and it’s transparent, non-watery, and doesn’t flake throughout the day.

Minimalist Makeup Routine : Tips on How Do You Apply Minimalist Makeup

Stick to the Essentiels

With so many new beauty releases hitting the market weekly, overspending is easy. Before shopping, ask yourself ONE question.

What do I need the most to enhance my look?

Do you have an even skin tone? Skip the foundation!

Do you have dark circles and redness? Get a full coverage concealer or corrector. Shop your stash and try shopping more mindfully. Remember that makeup does expire! Having a big makeup collection is not the best thing if you don’t use makeup that often.

You might throw some products away even before you can get a lot of use.

The beauty industry generates a lot of plastic waste that cannot be recycled, so reducing our consumption works best for the environment.

Define Your Skin Needs

When it comes to makeup application, skin type is the key.

By defining your skin type, you can skip buying certain products that don’t suit your skin needs.

For example, people with oily skin prefer matte looks which can be achieved using matte foundations, powders, or oil control primers.

On the other hand, people having dry skin tend to go towards dewy products such as luminous primers or foundations.

People with mature skin choose a smoothing primer to fill in wrinkles.

Apply Sunscreen and Moisturize

Taking care of your skin and preparing it for makeup application is essential. Always start with a good moisturizer to hydrate the face.

One of my favorite moisturizers for dry skin is the Cerave moisturizing cream, it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or oily.

This face moisturizer is an excellent option for oily skin, as it’s oil-free and wears well under makeup. It contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin gently.

Follow with your favorite sunscreen! Apply your sunscreen after primer or moisturizer and let it sink in.

Exposure to UV light can cause irregular pigmentation, so always protect the skin from sun damage.

Use Foundation or Concealer

Depending on your skin’s needs, you can choose between foundation or concealer.

If you have an even skin tone, but you still need to hide some minor blemishes, you can skip the foundation and use a full-coverage concealer where needed.

A huge favorite is this concealer. It gives full coverage, so I only use it to hide some minor blemishes or redness, and I apply a tiny amount and blend it with a sponge for a natural look.

This product is a little expensive, but I only need a tiny amount every day, so it lasts a long time.

You can get a medium to full coverage foundation if you have uneven skin tone.

Get a lightweight formula that’s also buildable. The maybelline fit me matte foundation is affordable, and it doesn’t slide or move around throughout the day. It’s a great steal for the price!

I also like the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation. It provides a nice satin finish, and it works nicely for dry skin.

For more tips on foundation application, check how to prevent foundation from separating on your nose and how to keep foundation from turning grey.

If you have an even skin tone, you can use highlighter without foundation for a lit-from-within glow. Choose a color one shade lighter than your skin tone to prevent your highlighter from looking ashy and chalky.

Use Bronzer to Warm the Skin (I Also Use It as Eyeshadow)

A nice matte bronzer can complete any makeup look by adding a subtle definition to the face.

You can also get a shimmery bronzer for the summertime, and the way I like to use it is as an eyeshadow.

It gives the eyes a nice wash of color.

Matte bronzers can also sculpt the face and give it some definition. After applying your foundation, blend the bronzer seamlessly under the cheekbones and on the forehead.

To know more, check the difference between matte and shimmery bronzers.

physician's formula bronzer

If you have an even skin tone, you can skip foundation and use bronzer alone.

You can choose between a bronzer or a highlighter, depending on what look you want to achieve.

Pick a Great Mascara

Consider getting good quality mascara for a natural and minimal makeup look.

Volumizing and lengthening mascaras that won’t clump are best for getting a lovely eye look.

An old favorite is this False Lash Effect Mascara, and it has a nice bristle brush that separates the lashes very well.

It’s also very affordable, providing volume and definition to the lashes.

Use Multi-Purpose Sticks for the Eyes, Lips and Cheeks

I always invest in a good quality stick like the Danessa Myricks ColorFix 24 Hour Cream Color or the milk makeup lip and cheek stick.

These are versatile products that can save me time and money.

cream blush

Try applying a pink rose for a soft or red for a dramatic look. Blend it seamlessly with a soft brush or with your fingers.  

Brush the Eyebrows: You Can Use Eyeshadow to Fill Them In

Your eyebrows shape your whole face. Leaving the house with a minimal makeup look can’t be completed without grooming the eyebrows.

Trim your eyebrows and fill them lightly with an eyebrow pencil or with a good color match of eyeshadow powder.

Set them into place using a good brow gel like NYX brow glue for extra hold.

Draw a Soft Eye Line With Eyeshadow and a Liner Brush

For a minimalist eye makeup look, you can skip the eyeliner.

Many people like to complete their eye look by drawing a thin line.

You can do that with a thin liner brush and a soft dark grey or brown eyeshadow.

And that’s it! These were my tips for creating a minimalist makeup collection.

When it comes to makeup, think that Less is more! Let the skin breathe occasionally, and always listen to your skin’s needs.

I still like to create bold makeup looks on special occasions, but

I like to stick to a simple routine every day.

Using the products I own in many ways saves me time, space, and money.

Minimalist Makeup Look

This look is so easy to achieve, and it’s perfect for beginners, too, because you only need five or six products.

the minimalist makeup look
I start by applying moisturizer and eye cream.
I followed by applying a little bit of foundation where needed. I have some redness around my nose and cheeks, which I like to cover.

I use a brush to buff the product lightly, skip concealer, and apply the foundation under my eyes. If you have dark circles, you wish to cover; you can use a concealer that provides good coverage. Try to avoid heavy concealers for daily use as they tend to separate.

Warm up the skin with a matte bronzer. I like to apply the physician’s formula butter bronzer under my cheekbones and on the top of my forehead.
To achieve the minimalist eye makeup look, I usually skip eyeliner and stick to mascara.
I prefer to quickly groom the eyebrows with a spoolie and brush them with a clear brow gel.

If you have sparse eyebrows, you can use a brow gel with fibers. This can help provide the eyebrows with more volume and definition.
Apply lip gloss, and that’s it! This look gives the skin a better look with minimal effort. If you like adding color to the cheeks, you can use a duo stick.

Final Thoughts on Minimal Makeup

This minimalist makeup guide can help everyone who loves makeup but doesn’t want to go overboard to create a minimal makeup kit with essential beauty products.

You can easily follow all the previous tips to establish a minimalist makeup routine. Enhancing your natural beauty will become easy when your vanity is clutter-free.

Choose versatile products that can help you save time, such as this multi Stick for cheek and lips. It can be used on the lips and cheeks, and it’s hydrating.

To even out your skin tone, a tinted moisturizer and avoid full coverage foundations. If you have dry skin, this tinted moisturizer can be an excellent option, and it’s great for mature skin. You can set it with a loose or compact powder for a long-lasting makeup look. For oily skin, this BB cream gives the skin a soft matte finish that looks very natural.

Tinted lip balms are a must-have in any minimal makeup bag. They give the lips a beautiful wash of color, and they are very hydrating.

Define your eyelashes with a lengthening mascara that doesn’t smudge throughout the day. There are many great affordable mascaras at the drugstore, so you don’t need to spend much money on a high-end one. This mascara gives the lashes significant volume, and it doesn’t flake.

Glossier has a nice makeup set for makeup minimalists. It has three makeup essentials that are easy to use every day. Their boy brow is one of the best eyebrow gels. It shapes the eyebrows, and it lasts all day.

They also have another set for the face, cheeks, eyes, and lips for a more glowy look.

If you are still on the fence about minimizing your beauty collection, ask yourself ONE question:

Are all these beauty products that I have brought me JOY or STRESS?

If the answer is JOY, then leave it as it is!

If it’s STRESS, then DECLUTTERING is the key!

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