Matte Vs Shimmer Bronzer

When it comes to applying bronzer, many things can go wrong. From using the wrong bronzer for your skin type to applying too much and ending up with a shiny orange face, there’s a lot you could mess up.

The best way to avoid making those mistakes is by knowing if you should use a matte or a shimmer bronzer.

What’s the difference between matte and shimmer bronzer?

The main difference between matte and shimmer bronzers is the finish. Shimmer bronzers have some light-reflecting particles that give the skin a glowy and sunkissed look. Matte bronzers don’t have any shimmer in them. They warm up the skin, and you can also use them for contouring.

Keep reading to know all about Matte Vs Shimmer bronzers and which one is right for you?

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What is a shimmer bronzer?

Shimmer Bronzing Powder

Shimmer bronzers have light-reflecting particles that give the skin a glowy and sunkissed look. As these tiny particles catch the light, they act as a highlighter. Their primary purpose is to reflect the light giving the complexion a bronzed and dewy appearance.

These bronzers are usually the favorites of those who like to look like they just spent the day outside in the sun.

There are a lot of nice shimmery bronzers that are available on the market today. Some of them are more shimmery than others. These bronzers needs to applied with a light hand to avoid getting a dirty and muddy look. The Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer is an example of a slightly shimmery bronzer, and it has tiny particles of shimmer that give the skin a beautiful warm look.

too faced sun bunny bronzer

The Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighting Powder in Molten Bronze is a very shimmery bronzer, and it looks shiny on the skin providing a strong glow.

maybeline bronzer

Some bronzers can have glitter in them, making them look more noticeable on the skin. The difference between shimmer and glitter is that shimmer is more finely milled, while glitter particles are more opaque.

What is a matte bronzer?

matte bronzer

Matte bronzers don’t have any shimmer or glitter, and their primary purpose is to warm up the skin without looking shiny or glittery. They can also add some depth and definition to the face.

Not everyone is a fan of matte bronzers since they can make the skin appear dull or powdery, but when applied correctly—with a lighter touch—they can enhance your features and add dimension to your complexion.

Matte bronzers are available in pressed or loose powders or creams. The Benefit Hoola bronzer is an example of a pressed powder matte bronzer, and it has a soft formula that blends easily on the skin.

benefit hools bronzer

The Anastasia Beverly Hills cream bronzer is a matte cream, and it looks natural on the skin, thanks to its lightweight formula.

anastasia beverly hills cream bronzer

Where To Apply Matte Bronzer Vs Shimmer

Shimmery bronzers should be applied to the areas that catch more light. Focus on the high points where the sun would naturally hit your face, such as top of the forehead, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose. When using a shimmery bronzer, avoid applying it all over your face, on the contour line, or the jawline.

where to apply matte bronzer vs shimmer

The key is to apply a shimmery bronzer with a light hand so that the skin doesn’t look like a disco ball. Use a soft and fluffy brush, dab it lightly in the powder pan, tap off the excess product, and apply the bronzer lightly to the skin.

elf bronzer brush

Matte bronzers can be applied to the same areas as a shimmery bronzer. They can also be used as a contour, and in that case, you can apply it to the hollows of the cheeks under your cheekbones, the top of the forehead, and your jawline by doing the number three shape.

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No matter what type of bronzer you prefer, choosing the right shade is a crucial step. Select a shade that is one or two colors darker than your skin tone. Choose the right undertone and avoid using a very warm bronzer for contouring.

You can use bronzer without foundation for a minimal makeup look if you have an even skin tone. Apply it with a light hand to add warmth to your skin without looking like you have too much makeup on.

If you use a non-shimmery liquid bronzer, you can mix it with your foundation, which helps give the skin a glowy and healthy look. For best results, choose a liquid bronzer that’s one shade darker than your skin tone. Pay attention to your undertone and choose your bronzer accordingly.

Which Bronzer is Right for You? 

Matte and shimmer bronzers have their benefits, so choosing the best one depends on your skin type and the look you’re going for.

If you have oily skin, a matte bronzer is the way to go because using a shimmery bronzer can make your skin look shinier. Matte bronzers are the best choice for large pores, wrinkles, or acne scars since they don’t emphasize skin texture, fine lines, or wrinkles.

physician's formula matte bronzer

Shimmery bronzers are great for dry skin since they give the complexion a glowy look. They can also be used as highlighters for darker skin tones.

If you have dry skin but don’t like the look of shimmery or glitter bronzers on your skin, you can try a satin bronzer.

wet n wild bronzer

Satin bronzers such as this butter bronzer have a subtle sheen that looks like your skin but better.

butter bronzer

People with fair skin tones might like wearing a sheer bronzer.

Sheer bronzers are lightly pigmented, and they give the skin a subtle glow that doesn’t look either matte or shimmery.

On the other side, matte bronzers are perfect for every day as they don’t contain any particles of shimmer or glitter. Some matte bronzers can look heavy on the skin, so make sure to choose a good quality one that’s finely milled.

Shimmery bronzers work great for special occasions, weddings, or photos.

Is bronzer meant to be shimmery? No, bronzer is not meant to be shimmery.

A bronzer can be matte, shimmery, or glittery. Choosing the right bronzer depends on your skin type and personal preferences.

Matte bronzers are the most versatile since they can be used as regular bronzers to warm up the skin or as contour to sculpt the face. If you have oily skin, a matte bronzer can be the best choice because it doesn’t add any shine to the skin.

Shimmer bronzers work best for dry skin as they are more glowy.

Less pigmented bronzers are sheer and don’t look heavy on the skin. They are the best option to achieve a natural everyday look and prevent your makeup from looking dry.

Why is your bronzer glittery?

Some bronzers contain glitter or big particles of shimmer. These bronzers give the skin a strong glowy and sparkly look. Applying these bronzers with a light hand is the best way to make sure you don’t look like a disco ball. They should not be used all over the face powder too.

These bronzers can be used on special occasions or for a night out. They’re not the best choice for every day as they look obvious on the skin.

Final Thoughts

Bronzers come in matte or shimmer finishes, so choosing between the two depends on your skin type and the look you prefer.

You can’t go wrong by selecting either one of them—the key is knowing how to use them correctly.

If you’re unsure what to choose, always play it safe by choosing a matte or satin bronzer.

They give a natural and healthy glow that looks great for an everyday makeup look.

If you want a radiant look, then shimmer bronzers are for you!

If you have oily skin or large pores, matte bronzers can be a better option.

With matte and shimmer bronzers, you can gradually build up the color to get that perfect sunkissed look without going overboard.

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Matte Vs Shimmer bronzers. Should you use shimmer bronzer or matte bronzer?

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