How to use lip liner

If done correctly, a lip liner can redefine your makeup look. it’s one of those makeup products that are underrated! A lip liner can shape your lips perfectly! It can also prolong the hold of your lipstick while making your lips look fuller. Learning how to use lip liner is easier than you think!

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Learn how to use lip liner with these simple steps!

  • Hydrating your lips:
    If your lips are dry or flaky, applying a good lip balm will absolutely help!

    Applying a lip pencil directly on dry lips can prevent smooth application. The lip balm will nourish your lips making them feel smoother.

    Avoid lip balms with menthol if you have chapped lips! All they do is make your lips feel smoother without hydrating them.

    Menthol has a cooling effect and it can cause more dryness. Look for lip balms with moisturizing oils and good ingredients.

    I like burt’s bees lip balms such as this or this. Good lip balms are also very affordable so no need to pay too much for it!

    Waiting for the lip balm until it’s well absorbed by the lips is a good idea. Don’t apply the lip liner right away because it’s going to cause your lip balm to slide.
    I also like to apply a good lip mask like this one the day before. It helps nourishing the lips all night long ! A good lip care routine can leave the lips nourished and hydrated all year long!

  • Start by applying the lip pencil by creating a cross at the cupid’s bow. Make sure to sharpen your pencil before starting.
    A good sharpener that I’ve been using for so long is the sephora sharpener . It has a small plastic container too which is cool!

For a natural everyday look, I like to draw the liner exactly on my natural lip line. For special occasions, I might go a little bit over my natural line to give the lips some volume. I just pay attention not to exaggerate when overdrawing. This might give the look of unnatural lips.

After lining the outer lip, I go all over the lips and fill them with light strokes.

These are the basic steps as for how to apply lip liner. Now we can include some extra steps depending on the look you’re going for. Using a lip liner can enhance your look in many different ways so let’s discover how!

how to use lip liner to make lips look bigger

Lip pencils can help a lot when it comes to making the lip look fuller. The first step is to choose a lip pencil with the same color as your lipstick. Then overdraw your lips using the last method by going a little bit over your natural line.

Draw the contour of your lips slowly and then apply the lip liner all over the lips. Apply your regular lipstick on top and add a clear lip gloss to the center of the lips. The shiny gloss gives the illusion of bigger lips.

My favorite lip liners for this trick are the urban decay lip pencil , the charlotte tilbury lip pencil.

There are many other lip plumping products in the market that makes the lips look bigger. I tried this plumping gloss which works. It leaves a tingling sensation which feels weird. There are also many plumping lip glosses that give a temporary full lip effect.

use lip liner to prevent feathering

Some bold lip colors especially dark reds or burgundy tend to bleed on the lips. These colors can easily run into the fine lines around the lips. Applying a dark lip pencil can act as a barrier to stop the lipstick from slipping around.

Check these beautiful dark fall lispticks under 10$!!!

Be sure to choose a lip pencil with a thick formula. Creamy formulas tend to slip and might not do the job.
You can also use clear lip liners. They are easy to use and they don’t show on the lips. Bite beauty has a good one that I always use. It acts as a tape on the outer liner of the lips.

To get a strong matte finish by only using the lip pencil

Some lip pencil formulas work as matte lipsticks! They give the lips a non shiny finish. Thick formulas give the lips a matte look that looks super bold. They tend to last more than regular lipsticks too which is amazing!

Moisturize your lips well and then go on with a thin layer of the lip pencil. Blend the edges with a small lip brush to soften the look.

A lip brush that I like is this one! You can then blot your lips with a tissue and apply a second layer. This creates a stain and makes the color last longer on the lips. The pencils I like are rimmel lasting finish, nyx lip pencil and l’oreal color riche matte.

Outline the lips if you have uneven lips

If you have thin or uneven lips, using a lip pencil can help defining your lips. Choose a color like your lipstick and apply it first. You can also choose a color that looks like the natural color of your lips. The trick is to draw the lip line slowly.

Defining your lips before applying lipstick makes a big difference. It can have a big impact on your whole makeup look. It’s a good trick to do for any special occasion. It will make the lips look more defined in selfies too!

Some of my favorites are the buxom plumline lip liner, nars precision lip liner, the makeup for ever artist color pencil.

To make your lipstick last longer

Applying a lip pencil under your lipstick can act as a primer. It makes your lipstick last longer throughout the day. The trick is to choose the same color as your lipstick. if you can’t find the exact color match of your lipstick, you can go a little bit lighter.

I like to use this trick on special occasions. The lip pencil creates a stain on the lips. this layer can show when the regular lipstick fades throughout the day.

One of my favorites is the charlotte tilbury lip cheat.

Check this amazing trick on how to correct lipstick mistakes! If you applied your lipstick outside of the lip line, be sure to fix it using that way!

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