Why Does Your Contour Looks Patchy?

Have you ever applied your contour, and it looked streaky or patchy? Well, you’re not alone!In this blog post, I will share some tips on avoiding getting a patchy and uneven contour. So, keep reading for more.

How do I make my contour not patchy

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It All Begins With Skincare

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Skincare is an essential step in achieving a smooth makeup look. If you have dry skin, makeup can cling to dry patches which causes your foundation and contour to look patchy.

Make sure to apply a good moisturizer before you start your makeup routine. Moisturizing will help to create a smooth canvas for your makeup.

The excess sebum can cause your makeup to come off and look patchy if you have oily skin. In this case, it’s essential to use a mattifying primer before applying your foundation.

Skin texture can also play a role in how your makeup looks. Make sure to add an exfoliant to your skincare routine if you have rough skin. This will help to create a smooth surface for your foundation and contour. This gentle exfoliator is one of our favorites, and it has a lightweight formula that’s perfect for large pores and fine lines. It has salicylic acid that helps to clean the pores and smooth the skin.

You’re Not Setting Your Foundation

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If you want your makeup to look flawless, setting your foundation is essential. Blending your contour powder on top of a dewy foundation can cause your contour to look muddy and patchy. Use a setting powder to set your foundation and help to create a smooth and even surface for your powder contour.

Matte foundations don’t have a tacky finish like dewy foundations, so they can be easier to work with when it comes to contouring. In both cases, applying a light layer of a loose or compact setting powder can help to create a smooth canvas for your contour.

TIP: Cream contour can be tricky to blend on top of a powder. Use gentle pressing motions when dabbing the cream contour on top of your liquid foundation to get a smooth finish. Avoid dragging the product as it will cause the foundation to move underneath.

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You’re Applying Too Much

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When it comes to contouring, less is more. Overdoing it with powder or cream can result in a patchy and cakey finish. Start with a small amount of product and build up as needed. It’s always easier to add more product than to take away.

TIP: If you’re using a powder contour, tap off the excess before applying it to your skin, as this will help avoid a cakey finish.

Most contour products are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. If you find that your contour is looking patchy, try using a smaller amount of product.

You’re Using The Wrong Formula

contour palette

There are many contour products on the market, and choosing the right formula for your skin type is essential. If you have dry skin, powder contour can accentuate dryness and flakiness. In this case, it’s best to use a liquid or cream contour.

Cream contour is an excellent option for dry skin as it helps to create a dewy finish. If you have oily skin, powder contour can be a good option. However, some cream contour products can also work well if you set them with a powder.

Some stick contour formulas might be difficult to blend, so it’s essential to find one that’s creamy and easy to work with. We love this contour stick as it glides on smoothly and blends easily.

No matter your preferred formula, make sure to choose a good quality product that is easy to blend. Avoid a powder contour with heavy formula as it can be difficult to blend and result in a patchy finish. Also, a dry or thick cream contour can be tricky to work with.

You’re Not Using The Right Tools

makeup brushes

The type of brush or makeup sponge you use can also make a difference in how your contour looks. If you’re using a powder contour, use a fluffy brush. A dense brush can deposit too much product and make it difficult to blend.

Angled brushes are the most popular choice for applying contour as they allow for more precision and can help to create a natural shadow. We love this angled brush as it has super soft bristles that are perfect for powder contour.

You can use a brush or a makeup sponge for cream contour. Synthetic brushes work better with liquids as they don’t absorb too much product. The first brush from this brush set is excellent for applying and blending cream contour.

A makeup sponge is also a good option for applying cream contour. Make sure to choose a good-quality sponge that doesn’t absorb too much product. Some sponges can cause the contour to look patchy as they don’t blend the product evenly. This sponge is an excellent option as it’s designed to work with liquids and creams and provides a flawless finish.

TIP: When using a makeup sponge, squeeze out any excess water before use. You want the sponge to be damp, not wet, as this will help avoid a patchy finish.

As for nose contour, use a small angled brush. Draw a thin line from the top of the nose down to the tip, and blend it downwards with the same brush. Avoid applying so much pressure to prevent the foundation from separating on your nose.

You’re Not Blending Properly

makeup sponge and brush

Blending is key when it comes to contouring. The product can sit on top of your skin and look patchy if you don’t blend properly.

Use a fluffy brush to blend the product into your skin for powder contour. Start by swirling the brush into the pan, then tap off any excess before applying it to your face.

Press the brush gently into your skin and use small circular motions to blend upwards. Keep your contour color underneath your cheekbones, and don’t go too much towards the mouth.

TIP: Avoid wide sweeping motions as this can cause the product to look patchy.

The key is to press the brush and not swipe it back and forth, as this will help avoid a streaky finish.

Use a brush or makeup sponge to blend the product into your skin for cream contour. Use the same technique of pressing and not swiping, as this will cause your foundation to move underneath.

You’re Not using a Good Setting Spray

Setting sprays are not necessary every day, so I like to use them when I’m going out or if it’s a special occasion.

Make sure you use a setting spray that doesn’t cause your makeup to come off or separate. Choose one with a fine mist, which will help evenly distribute the product.

A good setting spray can make a big difference in how your makeup looks and how long it lasts. This setting spray is an excellent option as it’s designed to keep makeup in place and help prevent it from melting or smudging.

How To Fix A Patchy Contour

lorac contour palette

If your contour looks patchy, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

  1. Use a cotton round or a makeup blotting paper to remove any excess product and oil.
  2. Apply a light layer of powder on top of the contour to create a smooth base.
  3. Grab a fluffy angled brush, swirl it into the contour powder and lightly tap off any excess.
  4. Re-apply the contour by pressing the brush gently into your skin and using small circular motions to blend the product seamlessly.
  5. Finish by applying a setting spray to help keep your makeup in place.


There are a few reasons why your contour might look patchy. The most common reasons are not prepping your skin correctly, not using the right brush, or not blending perfectly.

If you have skin texture, make sure to add an exfoliating step to your skincare routine, as this will help create a smooth base for your makeup.

Choose the right contour product for your skin type and use a soft and fluffy angled brush to apply it to the skin.

Finally, take your time to blend correctly using small circular motions.

I hope you found some useful tips for avoiding a patchy contour. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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