What Is Makeup Primer and Is It Necessary?

what does primer do

Does Makeup Need Primer? We’ve all had to deal with smudged makeup, and you know how frustrating it is when your foundation starts to separate. To keep your makeup flawless for longer, you need to apply a primer. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why this product has become such an important step in any …

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Should You Apply Primer Before or After Sunscreen?

primer before or after sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is important to protect our skin, but knowing the best order for applying skincare and makeup can be hard. Most of us slap on our primer and sunscreen without thinking about whether or not we should put the primer or the sunblock first. That’s a mistake! The effectiveness of your sunscreen could be …

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Does primer make your makeup look worse? Here’s why!

primer makes makeup look worse

Why is primer peeling your makeup? Many makeup artists and beauty editors have praised the benefits of a primer, but many women are still unsure if they should use it.If you’ve ever tried a primer that seemed to make your foundation look bad, then you know how frustrating this problem can be! We often use …

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Can You Use Water Based Primer With Silicone Based Foundation

primers with silicone based foundation

How to Match Primer With Foundation? Using a good primer is a crucial step in any makeup routine. Without finding a primer that’s a good match for your foundation, you may end up with uneven skin tone and coverage that doesn’t last as long on your complexion! With so many primers available in the market, …

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