How To Make Foundation Dewy But Not Oily

How do you get dewy makeup not greasy

Dewy foundations have been all the rage lately, but it can be hard to find a foundation that doesn’t look oily by the end of the day. If you have oily skin, you know the struggle of trying to achieve a dewy look without looking like a grease ball. Matte foundations are usually the go-to …

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Dewy Vs Matte Foundations

dewy or matte foundation

Making sure you select the right foundation is crucial in any makeup routine. With so many different types and formulas, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Choosing between a matte and dewy foundation can be tricky as there are pros and cons to both finishes. If you’re unsure which one to …

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Sponge Vs Brush For Foundation

sponge vs brush for foundation

Is It Better To Use A Brush Or Sponge For Liquid Foundation? It’s no secret that applying foundation can be challenging. The market is saturated with different brushes, sponges, and other tools designed to make the process easier. But which one is the best? Some people prefer brushes for a more polished finish, while others …

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Why Is Your Foundation Oxidizing And How To Fix It?

how to prevent foundation from oxidizing

Foundation is a crucial part of any makeup look, and it’s essential to find one that matches your skin tone and lasts all day. However, many foundations start to oxidize after a few hours, which can be frustrating. If you’ve ever looked into the mirror to find your foundation has turned orange or dark, you’re not alone. …

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