The Best Tip To Fix Smudged Lipstick

I have been enjoying lately the look of a bold bright lip with a winged eyeliner. But sometimes applying a bright lipstick can get really tricky. Getting the color outside the line by mistake can ruin the look but also the mood! So when you do colors outside the lines and you want to correct …

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The Best Way To Apply Foundation!

Do you want your foundation to look like you’ve got the best skin? Achieving a flawless complexion is a not as hard as you think! I’ve completed this step by step guide to teach you the best way to apply foundation. Here are some tips to apply the product evenly for achieving a flawless foundation …

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Five Best Natural Highlighters!


I’ve rounded up the best natural highlighters that gives a subtle glow to the skin. when it comes to makeup, highlighters are one of the must have products. People with oily, dry or mature skin prefer natural illuminators that doesn’t emphasize big pores or wrinkles. A lot of these options are also available at the …

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