The Best Tip To Fix Smudged Lipstick

I have been enjoying lately the look of a bold bright lip with a winged eyeliner. But sometimes applying a bright lipstick can get really tricky. Getting the color outside the line by mistake can ruin the look but also the mood!
So when you do colors outside the lines and you want to correct the mistake and get that crisp line again, here is a great tip that I learned recently and I wanted to share it with you!


What we are doing wrong:  sweeping our finger along the lip line!
I always used to do this and it really does not work! It ends up making the situation look even worse and messy.

What we should dosweep the smudge in, to the center of the lips!
Obviously, this will take off a little bit of the lipstick that you have done correctly, but this will make the situation much easier to fix. When you go over it again, there will be no product along the line of your lips and you will get a clean and sharp line.  

I learned this tip from Slashed beauty’s channel on YouTube. I linked back to her video down below. Check her out! Her name is Miranda and she is an amazing youtuber and also a beauty blogger.
In the video, you can see the difference between the two techniques and you can see how much sweeping the smudge in can make the situation much easier to fix.

So I hope that you have found this tip helpful. If you are a makeup beginner or if you love applying bright lipsticks but you have always struggled with getting the color outside the line , this tip can be a great way to correct it !


trick for a perfect lipstick application

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22 thoughts on “The Best Tip To Fix Smudged Lipstick”

  1. I always sweep across the lip line, this has to be changed!! But you’re right, it does always create a mess, but not any longer haha!

  2. Great tip. I always just a bit of concealer after wiping it off. It sharpens the line and covers any color left behind.


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